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Lenovo Performance Tuner

Workstation performance just got a lot easier

Lenovo Performance Tuner (LPT) helps users fine-tune their system, making small adjustments to deliver big results. It is free, easy to download, and even easier to use.

Lenovo Performance Tuner Features

The Lenovo Performance Tuner ensures you get the most out of your investment in both hardware and software. LPT allows the system to be fine tuned based on the specific demands of software applications.

LPT is free, can be downloaded here, is very intuitive with a user-friendly interface, and you can even watch this video to help you get started.

LPT, through the use of Processor Affinity, gives users the ability to designate an application to run on a specific core(s) in order to improve system workload. This feature optimizes your power and resources for both single-threaded or multi-threaded applications.

For example, when running a single-threaded application, such as Dassault® SOLIDWORKS®, on systems that have a Quad-Core processor, Processor Affinity allows you to designate which core is used for that application, helping to better allocate resources for certain applications while others can function freely on the other cores. This also is beneficial for multi-core applications, like ANSYS®, which can be isolated to prevent it from consuming all of the system resources, allowing other applications to concurrently and smoothly execute on the same system.

To make this process even easier, LPT has predefined application profiles for some of the top applications that adjust and manage the resources required by that application to run optimally for your workstation.

In addition to Processor Affinity, LPT features:

  • Power Management
  • Resource Monitoring and Tuning
  • Graphics Management
  • BIOS Management