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Designed to Break Limitations

Take a tour of the best-designed workstation ever. And see how we've pushed the boundaries of innovation.

Tool-less Upgrades

Access components – even the motherboard – without the need for a single tool.

Red Touch Points

No more messy cables. Intuitive red touch points guide your hands to quick and easy component changes.

Integrated Handles

Easily lift and carry your system – and fit it conveniently into your workspace or mount it into a rack.

Thermal Management

Without adding fans, our redesigned system draws in maximum airflow through our patented, tri-channel architecture, using a one-of-a-kind air baffle to direct cool air straight to each component, while forcing warm air out the back.

Durable Engineering

A 2012 TBR Workstation Repair Rate Study confirmed ThinkStation workstations were up to 24% more reliable than top competitors. Since that report, we've further reduced monthly repair rates by 56%.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The latest Intel® Xeon® processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics cards provide unmatched computing and visualization performance.

The ThinkStation P900 supports up to four powered graphics cards and FLEX Drives (M.2 PCIe SSD), which are about three times faster than standard SSDs.


The P900 supports the highest capacity of DDR4 memory to handle any complex computational task with RAM to spare.

ISV-Certified Software

The P Series is certified to work on all key ISV applications. In fact, many of the world's largest ISVs developed their software using ThinkStation workstations.

Power Supply

Easily remove the tool-less power supply without worrying about cables. For the P700 and P500 models, match the size of the power supply to your system's unique configuration. Only pay for the performance you truly need.

FLEX Connector

Increase functionality without sacrificing rear PCIe slots using a mezzanine card that connects to the motherboard – allowing for support for SATA/SAS/PCIe storage and advanced RAID solutions.


Newly designed HDD trays support both 2.5” and 3.5” hard drives. And with one tray supporting up to two hard drives, you can add a staggering 14 drives on the P900.


How can a single 5.25” drive bay be so much more? We designed the FLEX Bay to support an optical drive or the FLEX Module, which can be used to support an ultra-slim optical drive, a media card reader, and Firewire (IEEE 1394).

Diagnostic Port

Plug your Android-based tablet or smartphone into the USB port for system analysis, to quickly determine whether a problem is hardware- or software-related, saving you time and money.

QR Codes

Scan the QR code, and you will be directed to our website with detailed information on system architecture and component technical specifications.