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ThinkRevolutionist: ThinkBots

As tomorrow’s scientists and coders, the Lenovo ThinkBots, two teams of students from Studio School in East Los Angeles, are designing and building their own robots to compete on the national stage.

Competition brings out the brightest

For the young inner-city inventors on the Lenovo ThinkBots teams, a little bit of friendly competition is playing a big role in advancing their pursuit of careers in engineering. They are the first middle school teams to participate in the Foundation’s robotics program, which combines the thrills of sports competitions with the intellectual challenge of science fairs.

In designing Lego robots that can complete recycling missions on a game board or communicate with animals, these award-winning teams have done more than showcase their technological talents. They’ve also increased awareness of STEM education, inspiring new generations of students to challenge what’s possible everyday.

How to make robots come alive

To perform like professional engineers, it helps to have professional-grade machines. Lenovo equips the ThinkBots teams with specially configured workstations from the ThinkStation P Series and ThinkPad mobile workstations, including the ThinkPad P40 Yoga, that help them design robots using ISV-certified applications from Autodesk and Adobe and visualize their creations with dazzling NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics.

"The experience that students gain and the values they learn in [our] programs are crucial to creating the innovative problem-solvers of tomorrow"

Check out what's in the ThinkBots' classrooms: Private: ThinkStation P500 and Private: ThinkPad P40 Yoga

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